Ride for AIFA

Michaels ride for AIFAMichael Fries is preparing to undertake a significant mental and physical challenge to raise money for AIFA.

Our bold, new fundraiser suffered from multiple allergies as a child.

When Michael was six months old, he was diagnosed with allergies to egg, dairy, specific nuts, some meats, animal fur and dust mites.

He experienced a few close calls which were life-threatening.

"I can empathise with the daily struggle of people afflicted with allergies and the stress and anxiety that is endured by families", Michael explained.

Fortunately, regular monitoring and treatment, has enabled him to grow out of some of his allergies, although asthma is still a present but manageable part of his life.

It was while Michael was attending his allergy and immunology clinic, that he became aware of other children whose lives were severely compromised with allergies. These children were dealing with obstacles he had never had to encounter. Now he is doing something to help them.

Michael will be riding from Melbourne to Sydney in 12 days, covering a distance of approximately 1,030 km.

His journey will commence at Federation Square on March 20th and will finish in the heart of Sydney on March 31st. Michael's money raising effort will use an innovative new app that brings giving into the 21st century.

For more information see GiverApp www.givercharityapp.com 

A new way to share your passion for AIFA with family and friends

Michael Fries will fundraise for AIFA on the new Giver app.

AIFA is pleased to be in partnership with GiverAus which has created an app designed to bring the act of donating into the 21st century.

Giver enables people to donate just 10 cents a day ($3 a month) to our cause. By encouraging family members and friends to join the Giver community you can enable them to inspire hope, create opportunities, transform lives and shape the future.

They can support AIFA anytime, anywhere, with ease and efficiency. Through Giver and AIFA they can change someone's world with the click of a button.

Encourage your friends and family to make a difference today by downloading the app, supporting AIFA, liking and sharing GiverAUS on Facebook and visiting their website.


GiverApp Join Giver and change the world for 10 cents a day

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