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Evaluating the role of MRGPRX2 activation in Idiopathic Anaphylaxis

AIFA Early Career Research Grant

Chief Investigator: Dr Logan Gardner, The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne 

Research Team: Dr Priscilla Auyeung, Dr Mark Hew, Dr Celia Zubrinich, and Dr Stephanie Stojanovic (Alfred Health), Dr Graham Mackay (The University of Melbourne) 

Dr Logan GardnerAnaphylaxis is a rapid and severe reaction affecting many parts of the body that can be life-threatening. It is usually caused by allergy to triggers that are familiar such as peanuts or certain medications. Idiopathic cases (where there is no identifiable external allergenic trigger) represent 30-60% of adult presentations. Idiopathic anaphylaxis is a difficult diagnosis for patients to live with as a trigger cannot be avoided, making further events unpredictable.

A different process leading to reactions to certain medications has recently been identified in some patients. It is not known if this new process can also be responsible for other types of allergic reactions, such as when patients develop anaphylaxis for no clear reason. This new process is what our study will explore.