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In Memoriam

The lives of these people have been remembered and honoured by a donation to the Allergy and Immunology Foundation of Australasia (AIFA).

This is their tribute, funding important medical research to make a difference to the lives of those still struggling with allergy and immune disease. A lasting legacy from friends, family, and colleagues.

Michael and Christine Trubridge in memory of John O'Brien of Croydon, Victoria.

TechnologyOne staff in memory of colleague Tim Bambrick.

Kent Hoi in memory of Max McKenzie.

In loving memory of Rachel Russell.

In memory of Therese Appelkamp.  Friends and family members Sonia Romeo, Michelle Mostyn, Keryn Foley, Noelene Chaplin & Family, Colleen Mann, Pina Giancaterina, Beth White, Mary Anesbury, Debra Liberali, Carolyn Neldner, Helen Hitch, Rosalia Percano, R&J Panetta and the Tango Netball Club all donated to AIFA in her memory.

Cassel family and friends in memory of Lesley Cassels.

Laura Durnian in memory of her husband Ben Durnian who died in August 2017.  Friends and family members Suzanne McLoughlin, Stuart Carmichael, Linda Brooks, Diana Philp, Peter & Gaye Craig, Sej Panozzo, Erin Dawson, Alan, Jackie, Owain & Tamara , Margot Serena, Margaret Livingstone, Monica Waters, Meredith Johnson, Alan & Angela Smith, Stan Soutanis, Karen & Robert Hazel, The Baker Family, Peter & Tracy Madden, Doug Kemp, Jayne Hayhurst, Solange Fernandez,
N L & B Booth, Norm & Carol Davis, Bron Hopkins, Bree Vanden Bosch, Suzanne Rossiter, Rachael Klinger, Jennifer Colman, Belinda Jago, Mitha Chambers, and a number of anonymous friends and family also donated to AIFA in Ben's memory.

Anika Damiani in memory of her father Anh Huynh Le

Chris Anargyros in memory of Margaret Colleen Lamport.

Staff from Princess Margaret Hospital and ASCIA in memory of Dr Guat Sim Loh.

Kevin Melksham in memory of his wife Judy Melksham who suffered from Wegener's Granulomatosis

Mrs Consuelo Page in memory of her husband Daniel Kenneth Page who died of Wegener's Granulomatosis in February 2017. Friends and family members Marj and Barry Hansen, Matt Ricci, Nerida Seccombe, Heather Shale, John Batty, Kate Nuttal, Rachel Wolfe, Patricia McBride, Peter Smillie and Conor Matthews all donated to AIFA in his memory.

Mr Dale Smith, family and friends, in loving memory of Mrs Margaret Lynne Smith.

Caroline Warnes in memory of her mother, Margaret Elizabeth Warnes, who died of Wegener's Granulomatosis in April 1994.

In memory of Mark Williams who died of an allergic reaction to a bee sting in October 2015. His wife Maree, his parents Audrey and David Williams, Jean and Jim Dickson, Carrie Kosick and friends from Tom Price WA and Colin Groom of Domus Nursery, Kalamunda WA all donated to AIFA in his memory.